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Need Help Choosing (NHL)Hockey Team


Been watching hockey and its looking to be a cool sport.Need help choosing a team to support.Not looking for a team who has to win all the time just someone who plays with their heart,puts it all out there and is pretty consistent.
(Hopefully someone responds)

I’m a Blackhawks fan, but live in Phoenix. I chose the Blackhawks after watching the 2010 Olympics. I really liked Ryan Kesler and Patrick Kane, and when it came to it, I fell in love with the Blackhawks. So like one of the previous posters said, your team picks you, in a sense. However, based off what you wrote, I recommend watching a few Minnesota Wild games. We played them in the playoffs last season, and I gained so much respect for them. They played with some of the most heart I had ever seen. They wanted it. They wanted to win and nothing else. Not to mention they have players on their team who I’m sure you’ll fall in love with. But like one of the other responders said, your team picks you. Preseason games are going on right now, watch a few. If you live in a city where there already is a team, you’ll be able to watch more of their games. If you  live in a city without a team, you’ll probably only get to watch the games on NBC, which will make it harder to watch your team. If you have advanced viewing options and get the NHL channel, you’ll get a little more variety of games. 

Either way, start doing some research. Look up teams on youtube. Look up players on youtube. Definitely look teams up on here. Tumblr hockey fans are some of the most devoted you will find. After a while though, you’ll find one that seems to stick out more than others. 


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