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I got an email today from my nursing program with names of all of my fellow nursing students, so naturally I went Facebook stalking. Well, all of them that have a Facebook are older and already have kids. Honestly, as of right now, I’m really kind of bummed. Not that I have anything against people wanted to go back to school to get an education, but I also want to be with people I can relate to. Ya know? I can’t relate to people who are 5+ years older than me with a family already. I’m sure I will learn a lot of them, but I really hope there are some younger, childless people in my block as well. 


Defense is the Iron Dome, defense is not bombing a United Nations’ school. Israel killed at least 15 Palestinians including children and women today when it targeted a U.N. school in Beit Hanoun which was being used as a shelter for refugees. At least 200 others were injured in the attack. There are also reports that U.N. workers may have been killed. The death toll from the 2 week assault on Gaza has now topped 800, an estimated 200 of which were children. The number of injuries is between 3,700 and 4,100 (Waiting for official confirmation). Israel is bombing homes, hospitals, and schools, they are not fighting Hamas, they are killing Gaza. This is the very definition of genocide. This is the very definition of terrorism. While outrage is growing, support for Israel is still at a shockingly high and passionate rate. I cannot wrap my head around this. Enough is enough and that line has long been crossed. It is time for the world to unite and demand Israel stop this slaughter.

The little girl in this photo is one of the injuries from today’s attack, anyone care to explain why she deserves this or are we just going to label her as “collateral damage?”
I just can’t any longer. I’m so so disgusted. 718 Palestinians dead. 718. They are not just numbers. They were human beings with lifes,dreams and people who loved them. Ripped out from life. And everyone continues as if it’s just a number increasing, as if IT’S NORMAL.AS IF IT’S SOMETHING YOU GET USED TO. WHAT ELSE HAS TO HAPPEN? How many have to die so they could at least get the attention the 3 dead settlers did?


Ugh, I love this picture. It looks as if she’s floating on air. 

him♥ on We Heart It.

Ugh, I love him. He is my Angelina Jolie. 

Hallstatt, Austria (by Gin-Lung Cheng)

Snow Lake Rocks by bombeeney on Flickr.
I got a 95 on my final!!

Now time to sick back and relax.

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